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      • Buy and sell at your own risk.
      • Only use the Private Message (PM) system to conduct a transaction.
      • Posting on the Buy & Sell board is limited to members only. As a member, you will be able to start New Topics as FS (For sale), FT (For trade), WTB (Want to buy) or OA (Outside auction) – members are also allowed to upload images to their listings.


      • You may “Bump” your listing thread every week by replying to your thread
        Threads cannot be “Bumpped” after 2 months from the original listing date. At that point, you may need to start a new thread.
      • You must mark your “Item(s) as sold” when the transaction is finalized. (modify the title)
        Replies cannot be used to sell items. Only “First Posts” can be used to list an item for sale.
      • Running auctions is not allowed. You MUST include a listing price for the item(s) being sold. Auction threads will be deleted. However, as a member, you are allowed to post your “OA (Outside Auction) link on a new post referencing an outside auction site.
      • All transactions are settled outside this forum.
      • The Nassau County Aquarium Society will not be responsible, nor liable, for any transaction.  Our members are all ladies and gentlemen, and we feel confident that both parties to a transaction will be able to come to a resolution.  Again, do not come to the Board of Directors asking to intervene.  It’s not going to happen.
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