Artie’s obsession with tropical fish started when he was just seven years old. Seeing a “hole in the wall”, he instinctively knew that a 30-gallon fish tank would be perfect for the spot. So he filled it! The hole, and the tank!

Starting with that one tank, filled with guppies, quickly it spread to another tank, and then another, until he was stricken with Multiple Tank Syndrome and he started focusing on African Cichlids.

If Artie didn’t get into fish, he would have made an amazing interior decorator or garden architect. Oh, wait. He did. He’s all that. And more!

Here’s a quick overview of his fish room:


Let’s take a closer look. Feel free to click on an image for a full view and you can scroll through at your pace.


This is Artie’s African Cichlid display tank. Just look at those colors!!

Remember that I mentioned some of his other talents? Well, here are a few pictures of his backyard deck. I could have posted a million more pictures from inside and outside his house. But they would better be viewed in Better Homes and Gardens, and Architectural Digest.

Click on an image for a full-size view.

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