Harry Tending to his Fish

Renown for his expertise with all tropical fish, Harry Faustmann’s major focus is on killifish, of which
he has written numerous articles, as well as competed in many shows, winning top honors across the country since 1977.

They include Best of Show at the AKA annual show. Celebrated breeder, Harry has been active in the hobby since 1967 and keeping killifish since 1973.

Harry is currently a member of the AKA, LIKA, MAKA, NCAS, LIAS, GCAS, and the LI Herp Society. With his interests extending to pond keeping and collecting aquatic creatures in the wild, Harry is also known for his skill and knowledge in the art of culturing live foods. Having had numerous outstanding spawns within his fish room, some of the most exceptional include Nothobranchius korthausae “Red,” which resulted in over a thousand fry after eight weeks of dry incubation, as well as Simpsonichthy reticulates “Xingu.”

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