Joe Ferdenzi

A multifaceted aquarist, Joe Ferdenzi has kept tropical fish for over four decades, and during this time has done extensive writing, breeding, showing, speaking, and judging. His skilled and articulate writing has been published locally as well as nationally, and he was awarded the high honor of Author of the Year by the Federation of American Aquarium Societies in 1994 and again in 1996.

Renowned for his breeding expertise, Joe has had numerous successful “first-time-ever” breedings and is among the top breeders in his home club, the Greater City Aquarium Society. Showing his fish across the region, he has won an abundance of awards, trophies, and ribbons, which include many Best of Show and Reserve of Show. He has traveled as far as Bermuda not once, but numerous times, to give presentations as a guest of the prominent Bermuda Fry-Angle Aquarium Society.

An active participant in the organized hobby, Joe is also a member of local and national aquarium clubs and organizations. He served an unprecedented 19 years as President of the Greater City Aquarium Society in Queens, NY, is a Life Member of both the American Killifish Association and the American Cichlid Association, a member of the Long Island Killifish Association, and both the ACA CARES and GCAS CARES Programs.

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