Will Guo has been keeping and breeding fish and shrimp for 10 years. Although that may not seem that long compared to other fish breeders, it is more than one-third of his 28 years on this earth. Will grew up around animals as his mother was a science teacher, and became interested in fish when he saw how many different colors and fin variations existed in betta fish and guppies. He found the ability to gradually breed every color out of a previously colorless fish was fascinating.

His fish room consists of 25 tanks with angelfish, corydoras, plecos, guppies, rams, and apistogramma. He has also consistently kept and bred different types of neocaridina and caridina shrimp. He loves the wide color variations and the peaceful and slow-moving nature of the shrimp. He is excited to share his knowledge of caridina shrimp with the group.

He is also a medical resident in dermatology, and his medical background comes in handy when understanding fish medication. In his free time, he keeps fish, plays with his toy poodle Armani, and sings in a local community choir.

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Shell Dwellers
Orange Koi Angelfish Pair
Orange Koi Angelfish Fry

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